Our Story

 How it all began

It all started almost two decades ago, when we were driven by the single agenda of filtering and purifying water in the best possible manner.

We wanted to revolutionize the industry, but our values have always been guided by the consumer. We’ve kept our ear to the ground and striven to deliver products that solve people’s problems. Products that we’d want our own family and friends to use with pride.

This system of values has kept us on track to deliver products that are superbly effective, yet affordable. We’ve tried to cater to every segment of society without ever compromising on quality.

What motivates us

In this world of cut-throat competition and ever-expanding horizons of healthcare, good is no longer good enough. With lifestyle diseases on the rise, every product that impacts consumer health needs to be thoroughly double-checked for standards.

Our mission is to improve the lives of each individual who uses our products. With tons of data-driven research backing our technology, our alkaline water solutions are helping people fight ageing, diseases and life-threatening impurities.

The 21st century has changed our perception about how plastic should be used. As it’s becoming clear that no plastic product should be near any edible solid or liquid, our insistence on using 100% stainless steel remains firm.

What we aspire to become

With the help of our loyal army of satisfied customers, we aim to become the undisputed leaders in water treatment in the country.

We aspire to bridge the gap between wellness and affordability. We aim to infuse new-age scientific understanding into the industry and cater to the lowest common denominator.

Our goal is to preserve the environment with expanding awareness.