Why Alkaline?

Try Alkaline, Stay Healthy


You know, it’s easy to dismiss ‘alkaline water’ was one of those health fads that keep coming and going. After all, you’ve always consumed ‘normal’ tap water or water from a traditional purifier. Why should you consider alkaline?

Which is exactly what we’ve done. Let us tell you about the benefits of alkaline water in a simplified and de-jargonized manner:

First of all, what does alkaline mean?

Any edible solid food or liquid can either be alkaline, acidic or neutral. How do we determine these properties?

These properties can be graded on a scale of 0-14, called the PH scale. Let’s say a substance has a PH value of 2. This means it’s highly acidic. If it’s 13, it means the substance is highly alkaline. If it tests at a ‘7’, it means the substance is completely neutral.

The PH value of the purifed water that you drink usually hovers around 6, which is acidic. Hence we need a further enchancment in purified water to make the pH around 8.5 which is ideal for drinking water.

Now, let’s see why alkaline water is what you SHOULD be drinking…..

Defy ageing:

Toxic cell-damaging free radicals build up in the body as you age. A lot of these are contributed by the acidic food substances that we consume on a regular basis.

Mildly alkaline water keeps on neutralising this excess acidity and renders toxins harmless. A simple measure of drinking alkaline water can save you lots of ‘Botox’ money.

Prevent chronic diseases:

A study published in the Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine says that alkaline water is highly beneficial for people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. After a group of diverse people were tested for blood viscosity after a workout, those consuming alkaline water always showed better results.


Ever felt sick after consuming a spicy, acidic meal? Acidity lowers your immunity temporarily. By neutralising acidity, alkaline water flushes out the radicals in the body caused by a poor diet, stress and environmental toxins.

Essential Minerals:

Minerals such as calcium and magnesium contribute towards making water slightly alkaline. These minerals are absolutely essential for the growth, maintenance and repair of bones.


If you work out regularly or live in a city which has a humid climate, you know how excessive sweating can make you feel weak and dizzy. Even if you’re hydrating yourself regularly!

This is caused by inefficient absorption of water by your cells. Alkaline water molecules are smaller in size and thus easily absorbed by your cells.

Don’t compromise on the health of your family.

Try Alkaline. Stay Healthy.

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